miniature sundials

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A brass sundial for a sunny window sill or patio. Etched with stars, the phases of the moon, signs of the zodiac and a compass rose, all coloured.

Roman hour numerals, chequered quarter-hour scale and fleurs-de-lis half-hour markers. Motto: 'Let There Be Light'.

Designed for use in Southern England and South-West Ireland (and in other parts of Europe around 51.5 degrees North).

The sundial is supplied fully-assembled. It comes with instructions for aligning it correctly and information about the fascinating science behind sundials (e.g. how the signs of the zodiac were once used to tell the date).

2mm thick brass. 102mm/4" across the points. Weight 200g. Three small non-slip polyurethane feet on underside.

Price 37.50 + 2.50 P&P (despatch within 3 working days of payment).  

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